Saturday, April 23, 2011


What do we hunger for most and accept least do to mixed emotions.  The importance of truth matters and should not be swept aside without acceptance of our own mistake.  Being naive will prevent us from moving forward and living healthy life.  Sadly to say I have experience these mistakes in my own life and don’t know anyone who has not.  Unfaithfulness is like a thieve in the night.  We are creators of nature who hunger for the same thing (LOVE).  Believing everything is a romance will only make your heart rule your mind.  You don’t have to agree with me, yet it would be nice if you can prove me wrong.  I ask you that poppy you wanted, how many times did the poppy break your heart on purpose?  Never!  So why allow someone who does not love you the same way break your heart?  Liars come in all shapes and forms!  Must one coach you in preventing harm to yourself all the time, you can choose to change your life.  Do you lie to people, so why aloud someone to lie to you?  Recovering your life by putting it in order will give you a wonderful life, trust me this much I do know.  Stop walking backwards and you won't trip!  History plays an important part of your future look ahead with pride.  Teach your heart to listen to your mind in a positive way it'll never lie to you.  I’m not lying!     

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thanks to the learning of story's from people who lived them that today I have the honor of sharing some with you.  Not all were completely true, and some were taken to the grave.  The few that were told will benefit in bettering the wrong that has be done. I firmly believe those family members not participate with family history telling, felt they were protecting us or perhaps a shame of something.  The wrong can’t be made right if it’s not known to my understanding.  It’s not just my reasoning that brings me to these conclusion but actual facts that I have witnessed. Here's one!

 I was asked a personal question when my heart skipped a beat as I found myself standing breathless in time.  My first reaction was to lie nearly killing me to tell the truth, but I did. 
 In that moment of fear I thought they’ll hate me because of this.  Wrapped in my own life as a escape to the reality of it all I was smack in the face with a true or not question.  I knew in my heart I had tell the truth.  I wouldn't like it done to me if I didn't get an honest answer, neither would this person.  I love and respect this person more than myself (yes it’s possible) and I have been blessed. I'm reminded of how much I'm loved and that subject I was afraid to 
face never surfaced again "to truth has prevails". Remember as long as you have a breath left in your soul there will always be Q&A.  So when answering think hard and think quick before you make a mistake you may live to regret by not telling it the way it happened.  The strength for this will come by using your strongest muscle the heart.   

Friday, March 25, 2011


I chose a blog for readers to know the personality behind the writer. While working with true events I find myself faced with lots of challenges.  I plan to continuing my path of storytelling by inspiring people to have a positive outcome by making lemon aid out of lemons.  With having no writing experience prior to this book, with hard work and endurance I have added another blessing to my already gifted life.  Humor and good feelings count, because I know in-between triumphs there are lot's of laughter.  Unfortunately we will experience sorrow due to caring.  Life is good when fighting the negativity to improve what you already have by making those around you happy.  What an adventure exploring the raw truth about incidents we've learned and the ones we have a quire.  When translating them with our own experiences we gain the power of joy.  When receiving a feedback from those who reward you with positive comments and lift your spirits, it is enormously heartfelt.  My book is a page turner one can relate to by the adventures of life’s mystery.  May this story built strength and courage as I intended and give you positive energy of love!  This book is the one thing in life when giving makes receive a keeper.  How great it that!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


When asking a question and the persons response is not to answer it, I’m left to wonder why.  Saying “no” to prevent any harm sounds like a good idea.  But what about when one could help you and chooses not too?  I see it as a selfish act of greed for their own needs. A one sided decision is questionable don’t you think?  How many times have you hidden important information from your loved ones? Not a good thing!  No one should want to stir up matters that cannot be undone after the fact, however a “no” or “yes” question should help end the unknown, not hurt anyone.  So the mystery of secrets has no sincerity in protecting anyone when the other person is left in limbo.  It’s a new generation and sharing family history should be a beautiful experience.  Remember the truth always comes out.  Anyone watching “Who do you think you are”, one of the most popular TV shows this season? You can't hide the truth forever.  Hmm!

Monday, March 7, 2011


WOW!  What a great day I had today, made an audio tape I didn't want to put out there just yet but I had too.  Had I not, it wouldn't  be finished till after the release of the book.  Working with the little I had I've had an exciting journey. The story I wrote many years ago came to a stop due to the fact that it was lost.  Most people who have had things of importance taken away from them at one time or another have a hard time with that, I felt as if my world would crumble.  When thinking back I thought I would go crazy without a copy of my manuscript.  I am pleased to say I did not.  Even though I did forget most of the story l never forgot the feeling of wanting to share.  I was asked to put the matter aside in order to control my feelings. This demand came from a very special and wise person "my mother" in order to keep the peace.  She reassured that it would come back to me within time. I didn't want to believe her back then and I was much too upset over. You shouldn't let that overcome your commonsense were her words .  I had a 35 year wait before  rewrite the story.  I am so happy to all that have expressed interest in my wonderful story, and today the audio I didn't want to display became a positive thing to do and all the comments made it worthwhile.  Thanks to the choices I made many years ago that now we share an incredible story of love, unity, and strong family morals.  And yes dreams do come true.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Told someone I was shy, and got a surrrrrrrrre you are.  I’m known for expressing my opinion with strong force due to believing people wouldn't hear me otherwise.  When asked to do or say something that makes me uncomfortable I feel as if I’m drowning.  Let’s see who you would believe in this scenario me for expressing my feelings or the person with their head turned for you.  Most people who are shy have a hard time looking into your eyes and soft words and sweet jesters are not easy for them to speak of at first even when if feeling the emotions.  Yet when witness injustice I swear it’s as if to provoke me into becoming the incredible hulk.  It’s a defense I take to stop it.  Just venting and hoping I can help others by letting them know that not being quiet doesn't always mean your not shy.  Just saying!           


I love art, although I have very little experience in the world of art and less on its history, I still like it.  My sister in-law is a great artist and I wanted her to design the front cover for my book.  Here’s where it gets interesting. I gave her idea after ideas and just before she approached the stage of loco from all the different angles I was giving her, she let me know that she would have to read the story to come up with her own idea.  It may sound funny to some but Ms. Jude refused to work from my thoughts of this way and that way I say most due to her being a head.  Then when she finished reading the story we got the perfect painting, yes she made a painting.  What a classy lady.  To make a long story short she became the cover Illustrator.  I've always loved and respected her but never as much as I did when she went the extra mile with lots of love and passion.  I knew she was telling me to back off the best way she know how.  What one dose not know was how much courage it took on my part knowing she was born a red head and quick temper.  I’ll say no more on that subject except it’s true what they say about red heads. LOL.  How do I feel about my family (bigger than life) I am blessed.

Monday, February 14, 2011


When asked about the inspiration on the title of my book I know I had to paid close attention to my choosing of which one would have the most impact for my story.  If at first you don’t succeed then try and try again.  My granddaughter made me a card for my book with a tittle that read ANOTHER TIME AROUND.  After deep consideration to a slightly different name than the one I had pick out hers had a better meaning.  Your life should have a purpose and I could never have succeeded in balancing out my choices without the help of love ones, and when needed vice averse.  In reading a story that becomes reality I've concluded hard work with a healthy foundation is necessary.  So ANOTHER TIME AROUND was born for the perfect title.


 Lying in bed with eyes shut and excited to welcome a new day suddenly I’m no longer relaxed and I have endless questions of redemption when thinking about the book I was writing.  Then my favorite saying, ask and you shall receive came to play.  My motto when looking for answers!  I still use it today.  Is anything really that simple? Certainly not and it doesn't always works but if I stop doing what I believe in there would be no happy me.  I twist and turns knowing the importance of not being able to control people and forbidden to judge anyone.  So what happens when you suspect something wrong?  I don’t have all the answers but being conscience of it is a healthy and ignoring weakness. Sometimes people choose the latter.  Here’s where redemption comes to play, make the wrong right or be a loser in life.  There I said it and that’s why I write about love, it’s the most powerful energy I know.  Now I’m going to sleep peacefully by sharing my thoughts on love with it's beauty to give you strength to change the wrong. J   

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I’m focusing on the dreams that become a reality.  There are so many life's adventures that should not go unexplored leaving one feeling empty or lost.  So out of my own experiences I've learned if people tried harder to find the beauty in life there would be more joy and laughter along with much needed security.  For anyone fifty plus years of age when you were a child and were told little kids are to be seen and not heard what choices do you have but to start making up a whole bunch of stories.  See, I said that like a little kid.  Here’s a good one, my aunt was telling a story of a true event that took place many years ago, when my mind was racing to give it a different ending.  I interrupt her by saying what if it happened this way, she said it didn't and I should allow her to finish telling her story.  I’d like to think I was being creative by asking and not rude.  There is no doubt I enjoy tracing family history and it's adventurous.  So believing it’s important's is keen to me, and  brings me to a place of wisdom.  Don't stop looking!

Friday, February 4, 2011


My 85 year old dad was visiting when I decided to ask him a question I wasn't sure he would answer.  Taking a chance in doing something you’re unsure of and getting the response you were hoping for is a great thing.  When reading ANOTHER TIME AROUND you experience the actions taken from two young couples who gave their all while making a heartfelt decision.  You are going to have a hard time putting your thoughts aside as you will totally be impressed to see how people overcome their triumphs.  And then as a result of love stories you will see there's none sweeter and more precious then the gift you own in life.  "FAMILY!"